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Featured Pets

Bella, is a three year old Neopolitan Mastiff that weighs 140lbs. We use a soap free Organic formula to clean her with, to prevent irritation she gets from regular strengh shampoos.


Benny is a 2yr old Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the "Yorkie". His coat like all Yorkie's is very fine straight hair that knots easily if not properly maintained. However, since Benny is her pet dog rather than a show dog, Allison opted for a shorter cut that still leaves some length but prevents some of the heavy matting that can occur from a full length coat.

Sadie is a loveable, high energy Landseer. "Before the Newfoundland's standard was written, it sometimes occurred in black and white as well as solid colors. In the 1930s a group of breeders attempted to recreate that look. their efforts eventually resulted in the Landseer."1. The breed was named after the Artist Sir Edwin Landseer, who used the Landseer in many of his paintings.

1. "The new Encyclopedia of the Dog." Fogle,Bruce 2000.

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